Caregiving NCII


1. How will it be facilitated?
The training is delivered using the flexible learning modalities (online, offline, combination of distance learning and face to face) under the new normal.

2. Will I receive modules?
Modules will be sent thru electronic mails and uploaded at the Learning Management System (LMS).

3. Will there be zoom meetings?
There will we be google meet for the whole class as scheduled (synchronous).

4. I have work from 7am-4pm, Is the online/virtual class strict like a student should be always present during the virtual class?
There will be a specific schedule for online classes, meaning all are required to attend, and will be used as the basis for attendance.

5. Can the virtual class be recorded so I can follow and watch it during my available or convenient time?
There are videos and other means of digitized resources that you can use as reference to catch up with the missed sessions.

6. Where will be the OJT?
OJT will be at the hospital, elderly homes and children homecare.

7. Will I be the one who will look for hospitals and nursing care facilities?
The school has its own partner industry for endorsement, however, if the student has a target place for His/her OJT, the school will provide the recommendation/endorsement.

8. How many hours are needed for OJT? 
A total of 320 hours (120 hrs for hospital, 100 hours for elderly and 100 hours for children).

9. For OJT, can I do it every weekend?
The partner institutions' schedule will be followed.

10.  Will I get TESDA Certificate afterwards?
You will receive a Certificate of Achievement in every competencies accomplished, Certificate of Training after the course completion, TOR, and the National Certificate NC II upon passing the national assessment.

11. When will the course end?
The course duration is 786 hours plus 320 for OJT.